How to Play the Mahjong Cards

Mahjong is a traditional Chinese card game invented several years back but it started to be played in the West in 1920’s using the Joseph Park’s rules. The American mahjong sometimes called Maajh or Mah Jongg is different from the Asian Mahjong in many ways i.e, the American mahjong uses Hand and Rules, score cards, rack jokers and many other unique game play mechanics.

The mahjong cards game needs a lot of the techniques for one to win and enjoy it. More so, what is required is intelligence, skills and sometimes good luck. Its name has its origin from China which means ‘the game of a hundred intelligences. The meaning of this game holds water up to date. This a gambling game and has several names in China such as Ching Chong, Ma Chiao, Ma cheuk, Mo Tsiah, Man Chu, Pung Chong, Pung Chow, Baak Ling, Kong Chow, Lung Chan and many more names.

This game comes in different versions the major ones being the Japanese, Chinese and the American version. An American mahjong set can however be used in playing Chinese mahjong, though the rules that followed are for the American game. The mahjong cards game is an international game and we even have World’s champions for this game. Tournaments for this game are also held all over the globe and gamblers come from all walks of life to play mahjong.

How to Play the Mahjong Card Game

Mahjong is usually played by four players who are supposed to sit around a table. However, it can be played by two to five players. A deck contains one hundred and thirty six to one hundred and fifty two tiles which are used to play the game. The first step in this game is to choose a dealer of the game in order to set up the game. This is done by placing the wind card facing down then randomly selecting a card or throwing the dice. Whoever draws the the East cards will be the dealer hence all players will sit according to wind card direction. Each player takes his/her seats assigned counterclockwise. The player who drew the south cards sits on the right side of the dealer, then the other west and north. This order will also be used by players to take their turns.
At this point, you are now good to go, now shuffle the mahjong cards and place them on the table facing down. Each player is supposed to pick 36 cards and put them on the table making two stacks each of 18 cards. The cards are them moved forward to make a square known as the wall.
The second task is to break the wall and the dealer is the one who rolls the dice to break it and each player is given numbers corresponding to the dice rolls. The game goes on, tiles are shuffled, die cast and exchange of tiles goes on untill a winner comes out. The player who matches 14 tiles is declared the winner.

This game is so exciting as long as you make the right decisions and come up with strategies depending on the to the choices of your opponents. So what are you waiting for, buy yourself the mahjong cards and enjoy this game with your friends. You can learn on how to play it online and allow yourselves to be bewitched by the charms of this magical game!

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